Jergens In-Shower Body Lotion

One of the most important needs is to take good care of the skin by keeping it moisturized and hydrated by the use of the correct products. Since the skin gets harmed through the growing air pollution, heat and water pollution which is responsible for many skin problems. It is extremely important to keep the skin fresh, and hydrated with the correct fragrance that stays for 24 hours and helps save it from any contamination and allergies. In-shower body lotion are a better ways to keep skin hydrated, healthy and glowing and the lotion help mend dry skin not just for the time being but for the entire day.

Why Jergens In-shower body lotion?

Jergens In-shower body lotion is infused with essential oils that work best even when the skin is receptive to moisture and the lotion blends with the water the wet skin on being applied immediately after shower and thus sticks on the wet skin which makes the skin looks extremely luminous and gives the best skin when you are straight out of the shower. The lotion comes with a quick absorbing formula and is enriched with coconut oil with moisture richness and this helps the skin keep refreshed and enriched.

The hydrating formula of In-shower body lotion makes it a revolutionary product that takes care of the skin in a better manner and is also extremely easy to use every day. One will just need to apply the lotion on the skin after shower and that is all one will need to do for the entire day. There are several In-shower body lotions that are available in variants for various skin times. There are no major disadvantages of using In-shower body lotion except that it might sometimes feel sticky on the skin as it gets absorbed deep down. It needs to be applied in a quantity equivalent to the regular moisturizer.

How to Use Jergens In-shower body lotion

The lotion can be applied after showering but before the skin dries off and should be used only in a dime sized amount on the arms and quarter in the legs. There is no need to rinse off the lotion and let the skin dry its own and then you are ready to go for an entire day. One thing that needs to be taken care of while buying an In-shower body lotion is the skin type of the user and the fragrances that one might like to stay on their skin. The lotion gets absorbed in the skin and stays for longer duration without any sticky or greasy sheath.  The Jergens In-shower body lotion helps recover through damp hydration and is applied before drying that helps apply maximum moisture and makes the skin feels refreshed

The lotion consists of glycerin, and other essential oils and fragrances along with the thin sheath of moisturizing that is important for the skin and need not be applied again and again on the skin which is the best advantage of this product. The fragrance stays throughout the day and keeps the skin fresh and glowing. Another benefit of the product is that it can be used along with showering and one need not apply moisturizer after shower. Thus it saves time and keeps you ready and fragrant throughout the day. It also is a bit better than having to keep a heavy sheath of moisturizer on the skin which may or may not suit the skin type that one has especially during summers.

The oils help the skin fight off the heat and the infection and also helps fight off dryness. The serum like texture is non oily and not at all greasy. The moisture helps in taking care of skin by creating a soft and thin sheath which is not as sticky as your regular moisturizer but also better than keeping the skin non moisturized. It is also important to check the ingredients while buying an Jergens In-shower body lotion to see whether or not it will suit the skin. There are several variants available within Jergens In-shower body lotion that one can choose from. So definitely check the ingredients on the product before buying and keep the skin the skin healthy and glowing throughout the day with the Jergens In-shower body lotion.