Must know about in-shower body lotions

Day-by-day growing air and water pollution is responsible for many severe skin problems. Some of them may also result in diseases being curable or not. Hence it is the need of the hour to keep the skin clean, fresh, and hydrated for 24 hours to save it from any contamination and allergies. One of the better ways to keep skin hydrated, healthy and glowing is by using in-shower lotion. This lotion help mend dry skin not just for the time being but for the entire day and without the stickiness of the regular moisturizer.

Your body is the most prized possession you have. Jim Roh quoted:

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.

You therefore need to take care of your body. When on one hand the summers are extremely hot and humid in the plains and hot and dry in the southwest and on the other hand, winters being with some freezing temperatures, your skin definitely needs that special care.

Thus, how do you protect your body and skin?

In-shower body lotion is best for you to keep your skin hydrated.

You might ask, what is the need of in-shower body lotion?

  • In-shower body lotion has a blend of emollients which keeps the skin hydrated and keeps it moisturized.
  • The smoothness of your body is restored and there is a soft fresh feeling throughout your body the entire day.
  • Basically to avoid fine lines or wrinkles, such in-shower body lotion helps preserving elasticity.
  • In shower body lotion must be used daily to get skin nourishment and keep it conditioned.
  • There are ingredients in the lotion which help you protect against any radial damage. It protects your skin from natural and any kind of oxidants and elements.

Are there any variants available for various skin types?

Whether you have oily, normal, dry, sensitive or a combination of all, there are a various types of In-shower body lotion available to suit your skin type. Be it Hempz Blushing grapefruit and raspberry in-shower moisturizer or Nivea In-shower nourishing body lotion, Eucerin In-shower body lotion or St. Tropez in-shower gradual tan etc. are a few you will be happy using it.

There are in-shower body lotions which also work towards acne and blemishes, anti-aging, color correction, dark spots or hyper-pigmentation, bequeathing their best products thereby. In a nutshell, for every skin type there are a wide range of products readily available in the market to help you look radiantly beautiful and smooth throughout the day.

How, when and how many times do you use in-shower lotion?

You may use In-shower body lotion as your normal shower product and then rinse it off with water. Apply the lotion when still in shower on your wet skin, rinse well and dry yourself. You are to be stayed hydrated whole day long. Apply agenerous amount of lotion on your body but do not keep it too patchy. Once you have applied in the morning shower, you are good to stay good day long. Winters your skin might get dry, while going to bed, take a quick hot water shower and you may apply the same if the need be.

What are Advantages and Disadvantages of using in-shower body lotions?

To name a few advantages-

  • It keeps your skin moisturized right through the day.
  • No need of carrying any additional cream to keep you hydrated.
  • One time investment for a month. One bottle of in-shower body lotion is good enough to keep you hydrated round the month.

The disadvantages to ponder on are as follows-

  • It sometimes leaves a sleazy feeling on the skin.
  • Irritation of the skin may cause due to the artificial fragrances in them.
  • It is time consuming in the shower tub if you are in a hurry to move for your office hours.

How to buy a good in-shower body lotion and what to consider before buying them? 

Before you go out to get yourself the perfect brand on in-shower body lotion, there are a few aspects that you must consider-

  • Go as per your skin type.
  • Avoid artificial lotions. Go more organic and natural which are formulated with special oils.
  • Look for a gentler in-shower body lotion which is not harsh to your skin.
  • Read reviews about the product before you get yourself that bottle of lotion.
  • Moreover, try buying with a less fragrant type lotion. Lingering on with the same aroma could get nauseating and itchy to the skin too.
  • Mostly all in-shower body lotions are dermatological tested, therefore look for that sign.
  • Go for value for money of course.

The market is filled with body related products and each brand claims of being superior to the other. You got to take a conscious effort of choosing the right one for you. After all it’s your body and but we care.